Posted on April 2005 at about 11:22 PM by hwa

Just came back from Pizza Hut, meeting with old friends, and you know what? It was damn hell boring!!!! 😕 Regretted to go out with them.

People just keep on talking about their life in city, non stop!! Talking about how their life there, how the chicks and blokes in their university, where they had been so far, all those discos, pubs and then bragging on how nice their boyfriend or girlfriend and all those craps.

You see, it’s not that i don’t like city ok? In fact i found out that i love KL pretty much, i can find almost all the thing i want here, no matter it’s related to my study, any latest game or i just looking for entertainment, it’s all here in KL.

But the point is all of us are living in city now, we all study there and we all are facing the same old “city” thing everyday, nothing to talk about. But why the hell they still mentioning that?? Even when we all are still on holiday?? Don’t they feel boring?? I mean we all are on holiday now, don’t they think planing to go some trips would be more suitable?? Genting Highland? Or go to beach to have some salt water, wouldn’t it be more nice? But talking about their boring life?? Sorry mate that was sooooo boring!!! 😡

Tomorrow they plan to go out again, this time to where i don’t know. But i guess i won’t go out with them anymore, at least for now. 😈

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