A Thoughtful Comments

Posted on April 2005 at about 4:09 PM by hwa

Last night i asked one of my FCM (Faculty Of Creative Multimedia) friend about my design, well she said for a person without any design background, the design is ok, so i assume that it’s sucks. Ok never mind, but then she said my blog is boring, WTF??? 👿

Ok ok i admit that my blog is boring, 😆 because me my self also feel kinda boring with it. Actually she is right, no body want to know my personal life, my presentation, my complain about how sucks Hotmail is and what’s going on in MMU and all those shit.

But hey!! Wait a minutes! This is my blog right?? My personal blog, so it’s suppose to talk about me!! So STFU and listen to me!! Damn it!!!! 😈

Well actually, before setting up this blog, i have thought on whether i really want to do this or not, want to let the world know about my daily life and all that. Or just simply create a personal homepage and put some stuff for people to download. But then this will be no meaning at all, because what i really want is a small personal space in the world of Internet, so finally i decided to setup a blog. 😉 hehe.

Then the next problem comes in, how to attract people come. Well as you people might know that my English is kind of sucks you see, and i also don’t have any sense of humor, so writing some funny stuff is not my way to attract people, probably will chase people away. 😛

But hello~~!! This is my blog remember?? And a personal one! So who care??? I don’t give a damn on what people thinking!! Just continue write my blog and do the best i can!! Correct??? 😎

So for the people who reading my blog, thanks for reading!! I really appreciate that. And for those who leave messages in the Shout Box, man! I love you so much!! :mrgreen:

3 Responses to “A Thoughtful Comments”

  1. lila Says:

    hi! i just come across your blog..from nowhere 😉
    it’s normal things like this happen..
    a blog belongs personally to the writer,
    anybody who hate it just have to leave..
    dont hav to listen to others, as long u know what u’re doing ;P
    that apply to EVERYTHING

  2. Elaine Wong Says:

    Hi Hwa! To some people your blog might be boring only because one man’s meat is another man’s poison. On reading your blog, you come across as a wonderfully helpful person who shares and cares! Please keep up the great job you’re doing and give a few gentle loving strokes to Betty for me, k! She’s beautiful!

  3. hwa Says:

    to me a blog is like a personal place in the cyber world of internet, so it’s depend on the owner how he/she is going to “use it”.

    i treat my blog as a place to share my experience, my ideas and also to keep track on what i had done before, so that i can refer back later on to see what i did in the past few years, something like a memory album. 🙂

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