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I just finished a 5.92 km run with Nike+ Running. #nikeplus


On the way to #KLMarathon


Headache, not sure it’s caused by not enough of sleep or over heating… 🙁


Happy Birthday To Me 2012

Posted on June 2012 at about 12:25 AM by hwa

It’s 10th June, and it’s my birthday, hitting 30 today, wish my life be much more interesting ahead 🙂




This few days really hot like mad. After finish bathe not even come out from the bathroom I already start sweating.


My White Spear Les Paul

Posted on June 2012 at about 11:33 PM by hwa

I know I already own a Spear Les Paul, but a white one is always drawing my attention, so when the time I saw this, I knew I need to own it!

A white Spear Les Paul!!!! Without thinking much I bought it straight away! The next day, after properly testing it of course.

Again, I’m happy but broke, more broke this time… 🙁