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Addicted To Starbucks

Posted on August 2009 at about 1:44 AM by hwa

Been addicted to Starbucks lately, especially the Caramel Frappuccino, never have enough of it. 🙂

It’s not that I just started to drink Starbucks, I had been drinking it long time ago, only recently I found out its damn addicting. 😀

Caramel Frappuccino

Caramel Frappuccino

Caramel Frappuccino… Can I have more? 😛

Got My Twitter!!

Posted on August 2009 at about 1:37 AM by hwa

Here is a little bit of explanation on what is Twitter.

Twitter is a free micro-blogging service that allow user to send out updates messages known as tweets, it’s just a text based post of entry consist of up to 140 characters, it allow the user to post updates from various media such as mobile phone or simply from the official website. Nowadays Twitter has become more and more popular, it can even compete with Facebook now, many celebrities use Twitter to update their latest activities to their fans.

Twitter Logo

Twitter Logo

I also just registered a Twitter account!! Now you can follow me or view my latest update at my sidebar there, just below my Shout Box. I’m now looking for a way to link my Facebook and Twitter together, so that whenever I update my Facebook, my Twitter will be updated, and vice versa.

Got A Ribbon For My Blog

Posted on August 2009 at about 2:00 PM by hwa

If you’ve noticed at the upper right corner of my blog, you will see a ribbon there, with a Korean flag in it. Yes I’m going to Korea soon! Not that I want to brag about it but really, I’m just too excited about it! 😛

Now back to the ribbon, I’m thinking of making a different ribbons for different occasions would be a good idea, at least there is something that can decorate my blog, well maybe it’s not necessary to be a ribbon, any other things that’s nice also can put it on my blog, we shall see what I can come out next. But for now, the ribbon is good enough. 🙂

Letting Go Of Someone

Posted on August 2009 at about 5:02 PM by hwa

Someone gave me this…

Setting some one free is the hardest thing to do,
Its not the tears you cried that makes it so hard,
Its the small piece of hope left in your heart,
That someday you will still end up together.

– Sheau Yng

I found out it’s very true though, at least for me.

Going To Korea

Posted on August 2009 at about 3:29 AM by hwa

Just bought my return ticket to Korea for this coming 11 September at 23:30 Flight MH66, it cost me RM1329 and is discounted already, I will be going there for 2 weeks and come back on 25 September at 11:00 Flight MH67, which mean there are 27 more days to go. 🙂

There are still several stuff that I need to do, one of them is to renew my passport and plan my holiday for that 14 days! So Seoul, here I come!! 😀

South Korea Flag

South Korea Flag