Wondering Around In Seoul

Posted on September 2009 at about 11:05 PM by hwa

It’s the 3rd day for me in Seoul, also the first time I come out alone and wondering around in the city of Seoul. But luckily the subway system here is very well organize, even thought it look complicated compare to Malaysia, but it’s actually very easy to understand, the only problem is finding the exact station within all the subway station in the map.

Sorry for the bad photo.

So today I went to Gyeong Buk Gung, it’s the largest palace among the five main palaces in Korea.

The palace was heavily destroyed by Japanese people during the invasion, believed that the Japanese wanted to erase Korean history. Now the palace is being restore to it original state, until now only 40% of the palace been restored.

After visit the palace, I went to Insa Dong, it’s a street of selling arts and antique stuff, quite a lot of interesting stuff here.

One of the thing that draw my attention was the Starbucks coffee house, the Starbucks coffee house here has the name written in Korean, it’s very rare that Starbucks has their name in other language than English, you can find the exact same coffee house in this Wikipedia link.

That’s it for my 3rd day in Seoul. 🙂

PS: Please head over to my Korea trip gallery for more photos!

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