Deok Su Gung And Gwang Hwa Mun

Posted on September 2009 at about 9:07 PM by hwa

Again today I visit another palace in Seoul, the Deok Su Gung, right in front of the main gate there are guards doing the guard-changing ceremony.

This palace is slightly smaller than Gyeong Buk Gung, there’s also an Art Museum here, which I think is kind of spoil the view here because of the modern design building build right beside the palace.

By the time I came here there’s a function going on here, it seems like a fashion show held by KB Star (Kookmin Bank of Korea), and the stage here blocked the main view to the palace, which is kind of disappointment to me. 🙁

Anyway, after the visit I was suppose to go Gyeong Hui Gung, but it’s under heavy renovation so I have to cancel the plan, I went to Gwang Hwa Mun instead.

The Gwang Hwa Mun is more like the center of the Seoul, there are a lot of people crossing the street every time the traffic light become green.

The most significant view here is the big statue of Admiral Yi Sun-sin.

But I’m more attracted to the large field of flowers at the other side of the statue.

I’m not sure what is the event but this make a perfect view for photo shooting. 🙂

I kidnapped this two kids then snap a photo after that return the kids to their parent. 😛

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