Razer Orochi 2013

Posted on August 2013 at about 10:22 PM by hwa

So I finally decided to get my self a Razer Orochi 2013 mouse for RM279, it’s a performance mouse that focus on mobility, perfect for my MacBook Air.

Razor Orochi 2013

Razor Orochi 2013

Razor Orochi 2013

Razor Orochi 2013

Razor Orochi 2013

Actually, the MacBook track pad is already perfect for browsing. But I need a mouse to play games, and I don’t want to waste a USB port just for a mouse as the USB port for MacBook Air 11″ is very limited, it has only 2 ports. 🙁

However, since the Bluetooth in my MacBook is not very utilized, so a Bluetooth mouse will be a better choice, and with Razer Orochi capable of hooking it to Micro USB cable and turn it into wired mouse, I can always change it to wired mode if Bluetooth performance is not up to my preference.

Comparing to my Logitech MX518, Razer Orochi is a little bit of small in size, but this isn’t an issue, it still fit in my hand and I don’t have to hold it like I’m squeezing the mouse.

Speaking of Logitech MX518, boy I just realized this thing has stayed with me for 8 years, 8 fucking years and still kicking, the only thing is that the black rubber part look kinda gooiest, but not sticky though, I really need to clean it up one day considering how long it has serve me.

For now, I’ll just enjoy my Razer Orochi, and hope that the Logitech MX518 will last another 8 years.

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