MacBook Air 11″

Posted on August 2012 at about 11:22 PM by hwa

After months of considering, analysing and a lot of readings, finally I’m now the proud owner of MacBook Air 11″! Yay!! ^^

MacBook Air

MacBook Air 11″

What I’m looking for is a super portable laptop for travelling purpose, or when I go to my parent’s place so I can bring my media around, movies, songs etc, and also to sync my iPhone whenever I downloaded a new content.

Before this I was using a HP Mini 110-3004 TU netbook, it’s been serving me well for the pass 2 years, and honestly I don’t have much complain about it.

HP Mini

HP Mini 110-3004 TU

Except for one thing, the incapability of playing HD video, so every time I go to my parent’s place I’m not able to watch any movie, or anime, not even HD YouTube which sucks, not to mention my parent live in a small town so there aren’t much entertainment there, most of the time I’ll just stay at home.

So I decided to buy my self a MacBook Air, which is ultra portable, able to play HD movie and also do a lot of stuff, better screen as well, but the most important of all is it’s awesome! Now I’m a happy man! Hehe!

Well I’m still learning how to use the Mac, need to remember all the short cuts. Other than that, I’m very satisfy with my decision.

MacBook Air

MacBook Air 11″

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