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MicroB Version 1.1

Posted on January 2011 at about 2:53 AM by hwa

MicroB is the theme that I am using now, it’s still in beta but now has been bumped to version 1.1. There aren’t much changes compare to previous one, the major one would be adding the ability to separate content design under specified categories, in my case would be the MicroBlog category.

I hope you guys like the new design, should you encounter any bugs, please contact me and let me know about it, a screenshot will be most appreciated! Thanks!!

I’m Back! With New Theme!!

Posted on July 2009 at about 5:33 PM by hwa

Here I am again!! After more than a year I didn’t updating my blog, except for the one with my tortoise passed away, it’s a remembrance post for my poor little Betty. 🙁

Anyway let’s continue with my blog updates! As you can see we have a totally new theme here, nothing special about it still dual pane with sidebar on the right side, just the way i wanted it always. 😉

For your information this theme is actually from TechJunkie 1.0 by Theme Lab, however the CSS is heavily reconstructed by me, and also some minor changes.