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Where Is Malaysia??

Posted on January 2007 at about 5:04 PM by hwa

It’s shame that during this time there are still people who don’t know where is Malaysia, i met some of them especially during online gaming, where i said i’m from Malaysia and they was like huh? Where’s that?? 😯

With all the world event happened here, and places like Sepang F1 International Circuit, The Petronas Twin Tower and so on, how can these people still don’t know where is Malaysia? Please go back and revise your Geography before you come back and talk to me!! 👿

Next time if someone ask me where is Malaysia again, this is what i’m going to do!!

him: Where’s Malaysia??
me: Huh? You don’t know Malaysia? Then do you know Singapore??
him: Yes…
me: Then how bout Thailand???
him: Yeah of course.
me: Then how come you don’t know Malaysia? MALAYSIA IS JUST BETWEEN SINGAPORE AND THAILAND!!! Shame on you!!!!