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Blogging with iPhone

Posted on October 2010 at about 4:38 AM by hwa

Today is the prelaunch date for iPhone 4 in Malaysia, the venue is in Mid Valley Garden Hotel Ballroom, and I’m going there to get one for myself. šŸ™‚

Actually the prelaunch already started yesterday and not all are eligible to get an iPhone, you have to register then only you get invited to this event. For your information, the real launch date is on 26 September.

Since yesterday I already heard how bad is the queue, people lining up for like four hours just to be one of the first Malaysian to own this local set of iPhone.

The event got even worst today! It’s Friday night and tomorrow is weekend, everyone was rushing to get the phone, and people have to wait like eight hours before it’s their turn to get the phone, crazy!

Well, I was lucky that today I work on morning shift, so I get to go back early and go to Mid Valley to get the phone.

But when I was there, it’s to my surprise that the line for the entrance ticket number wasn’t that bad at all, probably because it was dinner time, so I only wait for like fifteen minutes then only my turn for the ticket, the time now is almost 9PM.

But the waiting nightmare begun once I found out that I still have to wait for almost eight hours only my turn to get the phone. But then I was lucky enough that the staff asked me to go back home and they promised will SMS me when it’s almost my turn.

So I went for my dinner, then went back home to rest while waiting.

Then only about around 4AM I received the SMS. So I went to Mid Valley in the middle of the night just for the phone, crazy shit!

Anyway, in the end I got the phone, and now I’m happy with it! Satisfaction met and now I’m blogging using my new iPhone 4. ^^

Better Mobile Theme

Posted on May 2010 at about 12:58 AM by hwa

Just updated my WordPress mobile theme, not using the CarringtonĀ Mobile theme anymore.

I’m using the WordPress Mobile Edition plugin by Crowd Favorite, and because of how the WordPress Mobile Edition works, it allow me to use any standard WordPress theme for my mobile theme.

I’m now using the mobile theme by BlogOhBlog. It’s a very simple theme, straight forward and easy to customize, and I customized the theme as much as I need.

The reason I want to change to new mobile theme is because the CarringtonĀ Mobile doesn’t seems to fit very well on a phone screen that’s smaller than iPhone screen width, which is 320 pixels in width. Beside, I don’t really like the grey color of the theme.

You can take a peep at my mobile theme by pointing your mobile browser to Any comments, bugs or suggestions are most welcomed. šŸ™‚

Blogging With BlackBerry

Posted on April 2010 at about 9:39 PM by hwa

Just got my BlackBerry on last Wednesday on 31 March 2010, and now I’m blogging using my BlackBerry! :p

I got my self a new DiGi number and with the DiGi unlimited data plan, now I can online where I wan!! Now that’s what I call mobile computing! Heh! šŸ˜€

I’m still exploring my BlackBerry though, learning how to use it and struggling to key in inputs with it’s tiny keypad, not to mention also the applications for BlackBerry is not as many and variety as iPhone or Android device. But other than that, BlackBerry is a very good device for online purposes.

Oh and by the way, this post is written and posted with my BlackBerry. šŸ™‚