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Posted on May 2006 at about 2:54 AM by hwa


W00t~~!! 😯

Betty Sleeping…

Posted on May 2006 at about 3:54 PM by hwa

Betty Sleeping...

Betty is sleeping~~ :mrgreen::mrgreen:

University Veterinary Hospital (UVH)

Posted on May 2006 at about 11:55 PM by hwa

Went to UVH at UPM today, got some problems with my star tortoise’s left eye, there is a pus covering up her left eye for the pass three weeks already, the pus seems like doesn’t want to come off and i’m starting to worry about it.

If you wonder what is UVH, it’s University Veterinary Hospital, Malaysia one and only veterinary hospital located in University Putra Malaysia, which is UPM.

Anyway i have my tortoise checked by the vet there. At first the doctor told me that it’s some sort of serious infection and my tortoise eye is gone already, i was shocked when i heard that, it’s just three weeks time and her eye is gone?? I didn’t even know what i did was wrong!! 😯 Well, it’s looks really scary when my tortoise open up her left eye with the pus covering up her eye, the whole eye ball is white and it does really looks like the eye is blind already.

So with a little bit of confusing and still figuring out what i did was wrong, i asked the doctor what should i do next? So she said i need to make sure the infection doesn’t get into the brain. Hence she gave me an eye drop and a multi vitamin syrup, and ask me to try drip a few drop into my tortoise’s eye, so i try to do it but without much success because my tortoise doesn’t want to open up her eye.

After make the payment and walk out from the hospital, i saw my tortoise crawling around in the box with her left eye open wide, so i quickly take out the eye drop and drip a few drop into her eye, then she start to rub her eye with her front leg and then the funny thing happen… The pus went off!!! 😯

I was like huh?? What the… Without thinking much i quickly went back to the doctor and show her my tortoise, she have a good look at my tortoise and then laugh out loud, and then she said it was magic… 😀

Yeah! It was magic indeed… :mrgreen:

Eye Pus

Here’s the picture of the pus, it shrink a lot compare to when it just went off haha!! 😆

My Tortoise

Posted on April 2006 at about 10:06 PM by hwa

Got my Star Tortoise today(14/04/2006)!! 😀 Yay~!! Actually been searching around for this tortoise for some time already, and without any expectation, i saw people sell it today and without thinking much i straight away buy it, for RM110 very expensive though. 😥

But the real problems occur after i bought this tortoise. You see i bought this tortoise quite suddenly, without doing any preparation, although i kept turtle before but this one is a land tortoise, and they say it’s not easy to raise them, and my biggest concern right now is i doesn’t have all the required equipment to keep this tortoise. 😕

However i will try my best to raise this tortoise, and make this as a challenge to me… So wish me luck!! :mrgreen: