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Me too… RT @rabbit83lee ohhh~ I missed Samdong & Hyemi


Sometime, a friend is more reliable than your family members.


My First Car!

Posted on May 2011 at about 3:07 PM by hwa

Yes! Finally got my first car, it’s a white Toyota VIOS 2011 series! ^^

Feel kind of happy of course, the fact that this is actually one of my 2011 resolution, I’m one step closer to a better me. 😉

Nothing much to say here, still got a lot to explore, got whole list of plan I’m going to do to my car. 🙂

Here is a photo of the dashboard.


On Unifi now~! ^^


If money grows on tree girls wouldn’t mind dating MONKEYS! XD


Mami Mami~!! ^^ – SCANDAL CUTE! @ オンタマ 横浜Ar,1/29/11 via @youtube