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Good Bye Betsy

Posted on April 2010 at about 11:24 PM by hwa

11/11/2007 ~ 17/04/2010

I’m sorry…

Blogging With BlackBerry

Posted on April 2010 at about 9:39 PM by hwa

Just got my BlackBerry on last Wednesday on 31 March 2010, and now I’m blogging using my BlackBerry! :p

I got my self a new DiGi number and with the DiGi unlimited data plan, now I can online where I wan!! Now that’s what I call mobile computing! Heh! 😀

I’m still exploring my BlackBerry though, learning how to use it and struggling to key in inputs with it’s tiny keypad, not to mention also the applications for BlackBerry is not as many and variety as iPhone or Android device. But other than that, BlackBerry is a very good device for online purposes.

Oh and by the way, this post is written and posted with my BlackBerry. 🙂