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Happy Chinese New Year!!

Posted on January 2006 at about 3:02 PM by hwa

Happy Chinese New Year to all the chinese around the world!! Wish you all “Gong Xi Fa Chai”, “Step Step High Rise”, “Year Year Got Fish”… Dunno what else already, sorry for my bad chinese 😛

Anyway, CNY also mean it’s Ang Pao hunting time!!!! 😈 hehe~~ So wish those who going to hunt for Ang Pao get lots of lots of Ang Pao this year!! :mrgreen:

WordPress v2.0

Posted on January 2006 at about 6:24 AM by hwa

Just upgraded mine to version 2.0, although there are not much changes at the main page, but from the admin page here the whole thing are redesigned, a lot more better than last time… :mrgreen:

However since this is a major upgrade, a lot of plugin cannot been used anymore. 🙁

Anyway go here to download your latest version of WordPress!

Happy 2006

Posted on January 2006 at about 6:37 AM by hwa

Been a long time since my last post…

Recently i’m rushing with my assignments as well as my FYP report, and my final exam is getting around the corner, so i’m very very busy. Feel sorry for my blog because no time to update it.

Anyway, wish you all a happy 2006 🙂