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Security Cam On Google!!

Posted on October 2005 at about 8:09 PM by hwa

Well guys i found this very interesting, if you search the word inurl:indexFrame.shtml Axis on Google, you may get a whole bunch of security camera internet link maintained by this Axis company. 😯 Go try it out! Or you may just click here. 😈

My Bro…

Posted on October 2005 at about 8:44 PM by hwa

My Bro

Well! This is my bro, picture taken when he was in KLIA, before he went into boarding room. More picture available in his blog.


Posted on October 2005 at about 8:29 PM by hwa

YAY!! It’s holiday again!! Haha!!

Actually it’s already been one week since my holiday, doing nothing but play my PS2 😛 yeah i just bought my PS2 before my holiday is coming, and now i’m playing Radiata Stories, very nice game, nice graphic and story, hope can finish it in this week, then will proceed to Metal Gear Solid 3! :mrgreen:

Happy holiday to those who also having holiday right now, and remember, life is short, so play hard!! 😆