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End Of My Industrial Training…

Posted on September 2005 at about 11:11 PM by hwa

Today is the last day of my internship, been four months already, and now it’s over. Today we went eat something at don’t know where, then we watch movie in Sunway Piramid, after that we went don’t know where again to eat supper, all together with our supervisor, that’s how we celebrate it. 😆

Well honestly, this is the happiest semester throughout my Degree program, so far. No final exam, all we did just play game and of course finish our project lar, but the project is not a big deal, imagine you only need to do one assignment in one semester, hehe… 😀

Thanks to Ow and Maki, who look after us and taught us a lots of stuff during the internship, and give us such a good time during the whole internship program.

PS: Thanks to Maki, i improve a lot in my DotA 🙄

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Posted on September 2005 at about 1:41 PM by hwa

Yeah that’s right, after a long long wait and numerous delay, finally this movie has now been released in Japan on 14 September. But for the English version it’s delayed until November.

I think it was about 2 years ago, is it? I’m not sure already, after their Final Fantasy movie, The Spirit Within, which I think is a total failure. Square-Enix announce that they will be making another Final Fantasy movie base on Final Fantasy VII story and characters, all the Final Fantasy fans was happy and can’t wait until it’s release, and hoping that it won’t be another disappointment from their first movie.

But then don’t know why Square-Enix keep on delay the movie from it’s release, until the last E3, Square-Enix came out a trailer, in the end of the trailer another new release date announced, September 2005, everyone was hoping that it’s the last announce date and won’t delay anymore. And now finally, it’s out, but for Japanese only. 🙁

For those who played the game before, I’m sure they will definably be amazed, because when the Final Fantasy VII game was out at that time, 3D technology wasn’t so good as now, the character is more like a cartoon in the game, that time we didn’t really know that Tifa is actually such a beautiful girl and Yuffie is cute, and Marlene also…

Well, for those who fortunate enough to watch the movie, congratulation! While others, wait for the English release on November 😀 haha!

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children