More Spams Than Ever!!

Posted on December 2006 at about 2:34 AM by hwa

Recently i had been getting more and more spam than ever, before this it was only like 100 spams per day, but now i get more then 300 spams, and just now i cleared all the spams caught by Akismet, after two hours i’m getting another 72 spams!! 😡

Akismet is doing fine in catching all the spams in my blog, but these spammer just hammering my server too much! Look at the statistic by SlimStat below, they are just keep on sending spams to wp-comments-post.php every minute every second!! 😡

SlimStat statistic
Spammers should just die!!!

However i found out that i’m not the only one who experience this problem, there are many other people also having the same problem too, especially Mark who has been really pissed of by these spam floods. 😆

PS: I get another 30 spams after i finished writing this post, DAMN!!! 😡

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  1. GeminiGeek Says:

    My whole site went down (like Digg effect) because of these spambots. They kept attacking my site non-stop. Your 300 spam is nothing, because those spambots send 3000-4000 spam on my blog!!! My site starts to slow down, and eventually inaccessible. I am forced to rename my wp-comments-post.php to something else.

    I have written my experience on combating spams on my blog (shameless blog promotion :P). So far those method works, because and only 5-10 spams gets through but blocked by SK2 and Akismet.

  2. hwa Says:

    wow 3k spams is really pain in the ass. well so far i only use Akismet, 300-400 spams is still ok to be handle by it, but if it goes up until 1k then guess that i need to do something about it.

    spammers should just die!!

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