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Posted on September 2006 at about 5:02 AM by hwa

I have to admit that my English is bad, not only grammar, but the spelling as well, so i do a lot of spelling mistakes. Although there’s a spell check implemented together with the WYSIWYG in WordPress 2.0, but the problems is i don’t use WYSIWYG. So i went out and start searching for WordPress spell check plugin.

There are several WordPress spell check plugin i found on the net, but only one that i really like, introducing Visual.SpellCheck by Matthew Delmarter, an AJAX spell checker that function almost like the one in Gmail, but Pspell must be installed on your server in order to use this plugin.

Visual.SpellCheck screenshot.

There’s a live demo in the plugin website, go ahead and try it out, i would say so far this is the best spell check plugin for WordPress.

However it seem like there’s a little problem with this plugin if you use it together with Sociable, a social bookmarking plugin by Peter Harkins, the button “Check Spelling” just don’t want to show up in editor if Sociable is enabled. But worry not, i have a simple fix that will fix this problem, will compile it and post later because now is almost 5am and i’m blur. 😯

You can download Visual.SpellCheck at here.

Edit: You can find the Visual.SpellCheck And Sociable fix at here.

3 Responses to “WordPress Spell Check Plugin”

  1. Michael Aulia Says:

    Wish there is a grammer checker plug-in too, so I don’t have to copy paste my post to my Microsoft Word back and forth 🙂

  2. John Says:

    I am a CM, but due to security reasons can’t install any plugins, because I have no access to wordpress by ftp. Is there any other way to install spell check plugin? I found only free online grammar checkers like http://www.spellchecker.net/spellcheck/ but I still have copy/paste text.

  3. hwa Says:

    Hi John,

    Actually, you can install the plugin through the Administration Panels.

    Regarding this plugin, I am not sure whether it still works or not in the latest WordPress, nor the plugin author still support it. You might want to have a look at WordPress’s plugin repositories

    Hope this helps.

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