Windows 8

Posted on November 2012 at about 2:15 PM by hwa

I was trying out Windows 8 since last week and it’s actually quite good, love the Metro UI, but not the missing Start button.

All this while I has been using Windows XP, yes I know it’s old that’s why I decided to upgrade when Microsoft released Windows 8 last week, plus the discount promotion is a bargain for me.

Speaking of migrating to Windows 8, it definitely need a bit of time to get used to it, especially when changing from Windows XP to Windows 8, considering the major UI changes and also how the folder structure works. But it didn’t took long for me to get a hold of everything.

Of course, there are things that I don’t like or making me doesn’t feel like using Windows, one being the missing Start button. Now, I access the programs under Search menu page, where all the installed program will listed here, or just by searching the program name.

Other than that, I’m still exploring Windows 8, experimenting the Metro UI and stuff. I didn’t get a lot of issues with software incompatibility, that’s a good thing to me.

Oh! Regarding the apps in Metro UI, nothing impressive here as there aren’t a lot of apps yet, I hope this will be better soon.

That’s all I can say about Windows 8 for now, hope I can write a more detailed review soon.

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  1. yan Says:

    this is quite detailed ald..

  2. hwa Says:

    Haha thanks!! ^^

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