ROB-B-HOOD 《宝贝计划》

Posted on October 2006 at about 10:37 PM by hwa

Went Ipoh today, and watched “ROB-B-HOOD” (宝贝计划) with new friends. It’s the latest movie by Jacky Chan (成龙), and yes it’s an action movie but with a little bit of cute inside! Wait until you see Matthew! 😉

To me this movie is totally different with Jacky’s previous movie. He tried romance movie before, but to me it’s not that success, maybe a macho man just don’t fit in romance. But this one is totally different, he mixed this movie with his action together with humour, and plus a little bit of cuteness which make we all feel warm about this movie.

Louis Koo (古天乐) played an important role in this movie as well, i think that Louis suit this movie well, he acted in “Mighty Baby” (绝世好B) before so i think he know what he is doing, and i really like the way Louis acted so seriously in the comedy part.

Sorry that couldn’t review this movie well, however i do think that this movie is worth to watch, there are some part that really touched me, and it send out a very good message in how important a family is.

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