PC Fair!!!!

Posted on August 2005 at about 12:36 AM by hwa

Well i went PC fair today, first time in KL Convention Centre, the place is much more larger than PWTC, but still crowded, too many people there. 🙁 But there’s a new product for this PC fair!!, MP4 player!!

Yes now you can watch movie or MTV on the go! It’s a very nice thing, you can store pictures and watch it on the device, you can also make it as a thumbdrive to store files, and there are even games installed inside for you to play!! But too bad, the thing are very small, i mean too small already, and the screen is like… Smaller than my handphone screen!! What worst is the thing cost around RM1k!! WTF!! 👿

Honestly i think it’s better just buy a handphone, with RM1k you can at least buy a color screen handphone, and you can buy a Symbian phone which you can use it to watch movie, with extra function and lots of software to install!! And games!!!! But still, the MP4 player is very tempting. 😛

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