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Posted on January 2007 at about 10:53 PM by hwa

Spam really drive me crazy! 😡 Few days ago my host sent me an email telling that my wp-comments-post.php is under attack, the server was flooded and they have to CHMOD it to 000, causing visitors unable to comment in my blog. Out of desperation and frustration i installed Spam Karma 2. 😡

Actually before this i already have Akismet, and it’s doing a great job in fighting spams, Akismet filtered almost all of my spams, since i install Akismet until now, only a few spams get through Akismet, this is good, but i need more than that. 😡

Although Akismet filtered the spams, however my wp-comments-post.php still get flooded, this is because Akismet only let the spam goes into moderate mode, it doesn’t really stop the spam from coming in. So i went out and search for more.

Now i’m inviting Spam Karma 2 to join my forces, hoping that it will help me to fight spams, and yes my spam did reduced, now everyday i receive around ten spams or more, this is very good. But i want the spam to be stopped once and for all, not giving it a single chance to touch my wp-comments-post.php.

I’m still observing whether the spammers still flooding my wp-comments-post.php or not, hopefully it’s not, but if yes, then i will invite more into my forces and by then let’s see who will win this time! 😈

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  1. Quix0r Says:

    When you got flooded and your hoster has CHMOD 000 wp-comments-post.php then rename that “attacked” script to something different. Please remember to also rename it in the WP core scripts and your templates.

  2. hwa Says:

    i was using Akismet together with SK2, they both filtered almost all of my spams, and put them in moderate for a certain period of time, but this mean that the spams still come in and i dun want this, so i installed Bad Behavior, Bad Behavior will completely stop the spams from coming in.

    i think you can try Akismet together with SK2, it’s sufficient enough to stop spams, however if you want to be mean, use Bad Behavior also. 🙂

    as for Math Comment Spam Protection Plugin, i thought of using captcha or any similar solution before, but i also dun want my commenter to do “too much” thing before they post, so i choose not to use them.

  3. Quix0r Says:

    Forget my first suggestion. I have done it here and they still spam on the renamed script. They have smarter bots than I have thought. 🙁

    Their bots seems to prefetch the page for analyzing (e.g. finding the correct script location). 🙁

  4. hwa Says:

    Quix0r said:
    Forget my first suggestion. I have done it here and they still spam on the renamed script. They have smarter bots than I have thought. 🙁

    while anti spam method become more and more effective, spam bots also getting better and smarter, i guess that’s what ppl called as improvement?? just like last time captcha was the best method to prevent spams but now most of the spam bots can easily get through it. 🙁

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