Creative Zen Micro

Posted on August 2005 at about 11:03 PM by hwa

Wow what do you know? Today i went crazy and go Low Yat to buy Creative Zen Micro MP3 player, and there goes my RM800… 😥 However it’s really nice!! I’m impressed!!

The package comes with the player it self, one rechargeable battery, one USB charger adapter, one USB cable, an earphone, one docker, a remote controller, a pouch and a strap.

As for the sound, all i can say is it’s really good, but if compare with iPod then I’m not sure, because i never try iPod before. 😛 There are some cool feature in the player, like Calendar, Task, To-Do, and everything is customizable, very user friendly, the touch pad is quite sensitive when you start using it, but you can easily get used to it.

And not to mention when you leave the device idle, the light will fade out, not only that, when you are charging the battery, the touch pad light will keep on fade in and fade out continuously, and that’s really cool!! 😎

Creative Zen Micro

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  1. Polle Says:

    Nice device….i had one, but lost it….

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