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New Theme!!

Posted on March 2006 at about 12:53 AM by hwa

Look at my new theme!! W00t :shock::shock: been busy for it for the pass few weeks!!

Actually this theme is from another theme called Blix by Sebastian Schmieg, but then i rebuild the whole CSS file, changed a little bit code and modify a bit the design, the reason is simple, because i want to learn more about CSS, 😛 hope the original author don’t mind about this!! 😛

Anyway this theme is still in it’s early development stage, so far i only tested it on Firefox and IE, so most probably it will looks awkward in other browser. So if you find any bugs in my blog, please don’t hesitate to tell me, thanks a lot! 😉


Posted on November 2005 at about 9:50 PM by hwa

Haha!! Added new section!! Guestbook!!! W00t :shock::shock: now you people can leave message in my guestbook! So if you have anything want to say to me, you may do so by leave a message in my guestbook!! 😉

Updated Shout Box!!

Posted on August 2005 at about 2:44 PM by hwa

Update my Shout Box a bit, 😛 now you can click the smileys instead of typing it out!! Yay~~ 😀

New Section!!

Posted on May 2005 at about 1:47 AM by hwa

Added new section!! Contact!! W00t!!!! Haha!! From now on you people can email me! Yeah~~! But remember!! No spamming ya~~ 😉

Please click here to send me email!!

New Header Image!!

Posted on May 2005 at about 1:53 AM by hwa

Wow~~!! Look at that!! New header image! After so long time finally i change the god damn boring header image! And it’s just a simple orange gradient style!! Lolz!!! 😆

Haha!! Just joking. But seriously i really like the new design!! Although it’s simple gradient, but it’s burning you know?? How to say? It give you the feel like something is going on behind there!!

Man it’s really hard for me to explain all the stuff, arts. 😆 Hey wait a minutes! Since when i started to appreciate arts?? 😯

Cacat Design

Posted on April 2005 at about 3:42 AM by hwa

After hagging around and struggling with PhotoShop for a few hours, finally i manage to put some texture into my background image, gosh~!

well nothing much i have changed, just make the color light a bit, so that the words doesn’t mixed up with the background, and then make some adjustment.

But still i feel a bit cacat ler, what went wrong har?? Is it the color or what? The header image don’t care first lar because no time to do it, but then still cacat without the header image leh. Haih… don’t know lar, I’m sucks when talk about design thing… 🙁

New Design!

Posted on April 2005 at about 2:48 AM by hwa

Ok guys see my brand new interface?? What do you think of it? Cool? Nice? Awesome?? If you have any comments please message me ok? Just write your message at the Shout Box there. 😀

Well for me the color is ok already, kind of like it. So the only thing left is the top header picture, yeah the one with my blog title. I guess i will design it during holiday, or when I’m free within this two weeks. 😛