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Posted on October 2006 at about 3:26 PM by hwa

Just now after finish writing my blog, i went and have a look at the WordPress news at the admin dashboard there, and this bbPress 0.72 draw my attention, it’s a forum system developed by WordPress team.

bbPress 0.72 is the very first official release of this forum system, they called it 0.72: Bix. 0.72 after WordPress’ auspicious beginnings. These are the key features:

  • Fast and Light: nothing you don’t need.
  • Built in spam protection by Akismet.
  • Really simple interface: we want people using our software to forget that they’re using it.
  • Complete integration with WordPress.
  • Both the look and the functionality are highly customizable.
  • RSS feeds for everything.

I never knew WordPress is developing a forum system until now, and i haven’t tried it out yet, but since it’s developed by WordPress people, so i think it’s something that worth to hype about, WordPress really impressed me.

You can have a look at the example here, at first glance the forum look kinda plain, i guess it’s to suit the WordPress style where everything is mostly black and white, just like a newspaper. But worry now!! Just like WordPress, bbPress also comes with templates function, expect some cool design to come out soon.

Not to forget about the plugins as well, the most powerful features in WordPress to me is the plugins, i mean the plugin developers, because of them, WordPress become much more perfect.

You can read more about bbPress 0.72 at here, and download a copy of it at here.

Edit: Corrected the example link, thanks Matt!! 😉

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  1. Matt Says:

    You can check out some more examples of bbPress forums here:

  2. hwa Says:

    Matt said:
    You can check out some more examples of bbPress forums here:

    Corrected the link, thanks for pointing it out Matt!! 🙂

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