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WordPress 2.1.1 And 2.0.9

Posted on February 2007 at about 3:27 AM by hwa

Since the release of WordPress 2.1, WordPress is now divided into two main version, the WordPress 2.1 which require PHP version 4.2 or greater and MySQL version 4.0 or greater and as well as some several minimum requirements.

Today WordPress got new bugfix and security release for each of their version, the WordPress 2.1.1 and WordPress 2.0.9. According to Matt, the version 2.1.1 have around 30 bug fixes and version 2.0.9 is only security update.

You can head over to WordPress official site To download WordPress 2.1.1, and to download version 2.0.9 please go to their release archive.

Happy Chinese New Year 2007

Posted on February 2007 at about 3:56 AM by hwa

For the Chinese communities, today is one of the most important day throughout the year! It’s the Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year, and this year it’s the year of pig!! Chinese New Year is celebrated on the very first day of the lunar calendar, and we will continue to celebrate it for around two weeks, fifteen days to be exact.

However the most important day is actually the night before the Chinese New Year, the Chinese New Year’s Eve. On this night every Chinese will try their best to go back to their hometown to have the reunion dinner, everyone in the family will gather together, and have dinner on the same table if possible, each dishes on the table will have their own meaning as well.

Anyway, we here in would like to wish everyone 新年快乐!万事如意!!

Happy Birthday 2007 To My Sister!

Posted on February 2007 at about 5:17 PM by hwa

Happy Birthday to my sister!! 🙂

bbPress 0.8 Desmond

Posted on February 2007 at about 4:43 PM by hwa

This is actually quite an old news already, the bbPress 0.8 Desmond was already released on 8th February.

Here are some of the feature this version had improved, quoted from bbPress blog:

  • Forum deletion
  • Multibyte tags
  • Custom locations for themes, plugins and config.php
  • Multiple theme support

And these are the new features that’s added in this version, also quoted from bbPress blog: 🙂

  • Better timezone support, You’re no longer restricted to showing all your times in the timezone of your server (what an odd requirement that was)
  • Whitespace preservation of ‘backticked’ blocks.

There’s a special instruction for those who want to upgrade to this version, because this version support multiple theme and you have to put each of the theme files into sub directory of my-templates, just put your current theme into any folder and upload this folder to my-templates, then activate the theme in your bbPress’ Presentation Admin panel.

WordPress 2.1 Visual Rich Editor Easter Egg

Posted on February 2007 at about 8:36 PM by hwa

For those who are using WordPress 2.1 WYSIWYG editor, ever wonder why there are so less buttons for the visual editor? Well actually you can toggle the advance button by pressing Alt+Shift+V for Firefox user or Alt+V for Internet Explorer user.

Thanks to Chris for this great easter egg! 😀

Performancing Partners Closed

Posted on February 2007 at about 11:32 PM by hwa

Today when i came to my blog, i noticed that the Performancing Partners Ad is disappearing from my sidebar, at first i thought probably it’s because the server was overloaded by spam or something, or even worst my account get banned, so i went to the website and have a look, but what i found out was rather surprising.

Something happened to Performancing Partners and it has to be closed, i’m not sure about what is actually going on but from this news here apparently that one of the main reason is they don’t have enough fund to run the program.

It’s sad though, although my Performancing Partners Ad space was never been bought by anyone before but still it’s sad to see a potential new internet marketing went down like that. 🙁