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WP Wall

Posted on July 2009 at about 4:52 PM by hwa

I got a brand new shout box at my sidebar, I’m not using my old ShoutBox plugin anymore because it’s too old. Anyway my new shout box plugin is called WP Wall by Vladimir Prelovac, but still I’m going to call it ShoutBox anyway.

Certainly this one is better than the old one, it’s running on AJAX and easy to customize, and the best part is it doesn’t use it own database, instead it using the WordPress build-in comment, so every shout out will be saved as a new comment.

So if you guys want to comment anything and it’s not related to any of my post, please do so in my shout box, thank you!

My ShoutBox Is Back!!

Posted on December 2007 at about 12:15 AM by hwa

Guys! After more than a year i disabled my ShoutBox, now it’s back!!! :D But i disabled my Recent Comment.

The reason i bring back my ShoutBox is because sometime when people just want to say something to me, let’s say hi, they will go to any topic and post a comment there, which will ended up as spam, so i decided to put a ShoutBox so people can say whatever they want to me as long as it’s make sense. :)

Actually, the SboutBox is an improved version of the WP-ShoutBox by Ryan Mack, most of the modification i made are for the back-end, which is the admin part, other than that my version of ShoutBox is validated as XHTML Strict!! ;)