Philips SHP-895!!

Posted on November 2005 at about 1:54 PM by hwa

Guess what!! I just got my Philips SHP-895 this morning!! W00t!! Yeah!! Waited for almost two weeks already, and now finally~~ 😥

Man! This baby just awesome!! Overall the whole design look cool, i like the cushion build around it, very comfortable when wearing it, but that’s only for five minutes of wearing lar. 😛 As for the sound, i can’t say much about it for now, like i said i only tested it for five minutes, not even burned in yet, but for the first impression the sound is pretty good, and very clear too. 🙂

So for now this new baby is in the process of burning in, wait until it getting a bit “mature” and let’s see. 😆 Anyway, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some of the picture, get impressed, and jealous of me!! 😈 😈

Philips SHP-895

Philips SHP-895

Philips SHP-895

Philips SHP-895

Philips SHP-895

And now i’m broke… 😥

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  1. Waldman Jordaan Says:

    Nice pictures…
    and the best headphones…ever.

    I sold my HD800’s after modding these. I removed the center felt like on some of the Sennheisers and machined away a bit of the plastic frame that shapes (read: distort and make them uncomfortable) and now I am looking for another pair, just in-case my current pair gives up the ghost. I hope you are still enjoying yours.

  2. hwa Says:

    Hi Waldman,

    Thanks for the comment.

    It’s been a while since I bought that headphone, now I’m using Audio-Technica ATH-M50. However the Philips SHP-895 is still working fine, it’s now a backup headphone and I’ll use it once in a while.

  1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Headphones at 03 Sep 2013

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