My Tortoise

Posted on April 2006 at about 10:06 PM by hwa

Got my Star Tortoise today(14/04/2006)!! 😀 Yay~!! Actually been searching around for this tortoise for some time already, and without any expectation, i saw people sell it today and without thinking much i straight away buy it, for RM110 very expensive though. 😥

But the real problems occur after i bought this tortoise. You see i bought this tortoise quite suddenly, without doing any preparation, although i kept turtle before but this one is a land tortoise, and they say it’s not easy to raise them, and my biggest concern right now is i doesn’t have all the required equipment to keep this tortoise. 😕

However i will try my best to raise this tortoise, and make this as a challenge to me… So wish me luck!! :mrgreen:

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